SolidXperts optimizes your creative experience with 3D technology. Whether it is to guide you through your first SOLIDWORKS configuration, help you evolve your existing design workflows or dive with you into the world of 3D printing and your unique business.

The design software SOLIDWORKS allows you to achieve your vision and reach markets all around the world.

Get the following softwares for free:

SOLIDWORKS Premium Network : 3D design solution (modelling, assembly et technical drawings)
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Network : Design validation (AEF/FEA) – advanced capacities
SOLIDWORKS Composer Network : 3D technical communication software
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation : Fluid dynamics analysis (gas et liquids)
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium (Network) : Advanced simulation for plastic components
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional Network : Wiring diagrams and 3D integration SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Network : Photographic quality content creation SOLIDWORKS PCB : PCB design solution

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