Yes, we offer our services to entrepreneurs from everywhere in Quebec.

Espace-inc’s supra-regional business model aims to meet the needs of entrepreneurs located in all of Quebec’s regions. We support entrepreneurs who do not have access to business networks and an innovation culture that is adapted to the new economy.

Active all over Quebec, Espace-inc sets itself apart by providing personalized long-term coaching and access to a vast network of seasoned coaches and experts.

Our agility, our hands on approach, our ability to provide access to experienced entrepreneurs and being able to connect entrepreneurs with the right resource at the right time make for all the difference!

Our main client is the emerging entrepreneur who comes from a region anywhere in Quebec. This entrepreneur is building a business that is innovative, or with innovative potential. The business’s sales revenue is anywhere form $0M to $5M.

This entrepreneur wishes to be introduced to a network that elevates, challenges and helps him or her define his/her ambition and better grasp opportunities outside Quebec.

Espace-inc’s support is provided through personalized coaching, offered both in groups and individually. Therefore, our coaching is designed to adapt to entrepreneurs’ skills and to the maturity level of their business, whether it be the prototyping or scaling stages.

No matter the path chosen, our coaching is adapted to your reality and your needs. It is neither mentoring nor training. Your coach is hands on with you in your business ensuring you develop both your entrepreneurial skills and you business in concrete ways.

The duration of our coaching varies according to your business’s level of maturity.

Considering an innovative business needs 5 to 10 years to reach maturity, depending on the type of innovation and market, coaching must be seen as a long-term occurrence to truly have an impact on the growth and sustainability of a business.

Espace-inc is a non-profit organization (NPO).

However, with the contribution of a number of partners including the ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) through the Plan québécois en entrepreneuriat 2022-2025, we are able to offer preferential rates for our services which generally correspond to 10 % of the market value.

No, our vast network allows us to support and help entrepreneurs accelerate growth in a great number of sectors.

Espace-inc supports entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and very diversified industries whether it be technological innovation (Imeka, Oneka,Exonetik), social and agricultural innovation (Ecotierra), agribusiness with health and environment impact innovation (Evive, Innomalt, Entosystem).

If it is not possible for us to support you adequately, we will help you find the right resource with an ecosystem partner.

The Espace-inc offer is aimed at entrepreneurs who are already looking for Product Market Fit (PMF) and who will be supported towards their first sales.

Economic development organizations in your region will surely be able to help you in this respect.

It is possible for the entrepreneurs that benefit from Espace-inc’s services to reserve meeting rooms located at its office in Sherbrooke for free or low cost depending on the needs.

Also, thanks to our partners, work paces in different regions are available to entrepreneurs for free or at a preferential rate. These services are available only to entrepreneurs that benefit for our services. To make a reservation :

Espace-inc does not provide financing.

However, we offer coaching to high potential entrepreneurs that qualify and who seek support in their search for financing. We have a vast network of coaches, advisors and investors to help entrepreneurs in these endeavors.