Our pricing is adapted according to your stage of development and your financial capabilities.

For example, in the start-up phase, you can benefit from financial support up to 90% of the value of the coaching.


Bootcamp EXPLO

1 intensive day to challenge your business model with experienced coaches.


1 400 $

Financial Support

1 260 $

Cost for entrepreneurs

140 $

(10 % of the value)

Giving Back Philosophy

Afterwards, we strongly believe in the philosophy of Giving Back: successful entrepreneurs often have at heart the success of those who follow them and start their entrepreneurial journey. It is through a strong and committed community that we wish to build a sustainable model of entrepreneurial acceleration, supported and powered by and for entrepreneurs. This ambition is at the heart of who we are, and you are part of it too. Therefore, we encourage those we have supported intensively over the long term to give back to Espace-inc on the basis of their success and financial capacity.


We look forward to meeting you!