Émilie Bernet

Business coach


Native from France, I had the chance to travel a lot and work across Europe and North America. After several years in marketing and sales for consumer goods companies, I desired to pivot my career towards entrepreneurship by joining digital startups.

My distinctive skills in marketing, sales and operations are the result of a rewarding career within large companies and innovative startups.

My in-depth knowledge of the digital and consumer goods sectors allows me to navigate seamlessly through contemporary challenges. Equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, I find fulfillment in growth and structuring challenges, whether within large organizations where strategic vision is crucial or within agile ecosystems specific to startups.

By nature, I am also a networker who loves creating connections and building bridges between people.

Currently based in Montreal, I support entrepreneurs on both strategic and operational matters such as value proposition, business development, fundraising, structuring, HR, and more.


  • Hosting and entrepreneur codevelopment
  • Investment
  • Sales - BtoB
  • Sales - BtoC
  • Web and digital marketing


  • Agriculture
  • Leisure & Outdoor
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Retail market
  • Sports