Isabelle Maheux

Isabelle Maheux



Isabelle has held management positions in the field of media for many years, including at Les Affaires, TC Media, Sun media et With 15 years of experience in product innovation, digital marketing and strategic thinking, Isabelle helps businesses with their business plan, market analysis and the development of marketing strategies. Taking advantage of her entrepreneurial spirit and what she has learned from being immersed in the world of technology, she specializes in the development of new business models and the conceptualisation of new ideas. She works closely with her clients, behind the scene, dissecting their strategy to extract its differentiating factors and help build a solid plan that would dazzle the most critical investors. Isabelle supports entrepreneurs in the acceleration of their growth by transforming their vision into winning and lucrative projects.


  • Digital Strategy
  • International Growth Strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Web and digital marketing


  • Culture and media
  • Digital marketing & Telecommunication
  • Food industry
  • Technology