Julien Regoli, CPA

Accounting and Finance Expert


Julien Regoli, CPA, is a seasoned financial executive with over 25 years of experience in accounting and finance. Thanks to his expertise in financial planning and analysis, financial modeling, corporate strategy, and operations, he has assisted numerous entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

In 1995, Julien’s career began at Nortel Networks, a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer, and his entrepreneurial spirit drew him to smaller organizations, including Emergis Inc., Positron Inc., Lemay-Yates Associates, and Modecom Inc., where he took on increasing responsibilities and gained more experience. His most recent senior executive positions were as the CFO at Moment Factory (2017-2019) and CFO at PlanHub (2020-present).

Additionally, since 2006, Julien has been running his own consulting firm, JNR Consulting Inc., where he provides part-time coaching and consulting services to businesses in the entertainment industry. His clients include Les 7 Doigts, GentilHomme, Charlie Tango Games, and GSM Project. He is also sought after as a finance coach by La Piscine and Espace-inc, accelerators that assist entrepreneurs and their businesses in reaching their full potential.

Overall, Julien’s experience, expertise, and track record of success make him a valuable asset for any organization seeking growth and a competitive edge in their industry.


  • Accounting
  • Finance (CFO)
  • Investment
  • Strategic planning
  • Subsidy requests/applications


  • Culture and media
  • Digital marketing & Telecommunication
  • Finance
  • Technology