Martin Cournoyer



Visionary at heart, Martin is a committed leader who finds motivation in the strategic reorganization of businesses. The management skills he has developed throughout his career path drive him to reinvent business models capable of generating growth. Martin has participated in significant ways to the increase in profitability of businesses under his responsibility by bringing changes to organizational structures on various levels (administration, human resources, sales, marketing, software, R&D) and has made it a priority to establish and integrate new technology and management systems, for the benefit of both the administrative aspects of the business and the gain in productivity they generate. Martin has held a number of management positions over the years, including for Chocolat Lamontagne, Marquis Imprimeur, Transcontinental and Usine Metrolitho.


  • Accounting
  • Business development
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales - BtoB
  • Sales - BtoC


  • Food industry