Martin Dugré



A serial entrepreneur, he launched three SAAS businesses in the last 20 years. His latest, Baby, dedicated to the wine and spirits industry across Canada, has the wind in its sails with the support of the biggest players in the industry. Since 2015, he oversees the digital products division and is responsible for the marketing, deployment, business development and commercialization of the Kork solution. At Acolyte, he also manages the Shopify Expert Certification. He shares his knowledge by teaching at MOB in e-commerce. In 2018, he integrated all of his skills to create, a unique product on the Canadian market. Since 2019, in an internal succession process, he shares his knowledge with the company’s new successors to ensure its sustainability.


  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Sales - BtoB
  • Sales - distribution
  • Sales - SAAS
  • Web and digital marketing


  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate - construction
  • Technology
  • Transport