Michel Bernard



Entrepreneur at heart, Michel started his career in business development and quickly found himself, at the age of 26, in charge of a sales team in the food industry and later took on the pharma industry. In 2005, he started his first business in human resources procurement, and then, a second in technology to support the first and sell under licence. In 2014, wanting to give back, he volunteered to coach entrepreneurs in their growth. Enjoying the task greatly, he then decided in 2007 to dedicate his time to the best business accelerators in Quebec to help more entrepreneurs. Since 2020, Michel has been a member of the board of directors of La Vague, an organisation specialized in eco-friendly solutions. He is known for his humane values of collaboration, listening and empathy. Michel favors creativity and innovation while always being forthright to make sure the entrepreneurs he coaches make progress!


  • Business development
  • Business model
  • Funding
  • Strategic planning


  • Food industry
  • Health
  • SAAS