Nicholas Routhier



Nicholas Routhier has evolved in the sectors of technology and multimedia for over twenty years. He is known for his strategic vision, analysis capabilities and leadership, all of which have allowed him to effectively evolve and strategically position his projects in an emerging industry. Motivated by his passion for 3D, in 1998, Nicholas founded the society Technologie SENSIO that specialized in stereoscopic image processing. He led the society as President and managed to bring this growing technology company from its inception stage to becoming a publicly traded company on the TSX-V with world-class partners and customers. Nicholas is also an experienced technologist with 15 patents to his credit, his innovations having generated several millions of dollars in revenue over the years. Today, Nicholas is an expert-consultant via Mindtricks, a firm he founded in 2016. His experience and expertise are at the service of technological start-ups to help them accelerate their growth and ensure their success.


  • Finance (CFO)
  • Lean startup
  • Sales - BtoB
  • Strategic planning


  • Culture and media
  • Digital marketing & Telecommunication
  • Finance