Yves Laurent Turcotte



Yves Laurent specializes in Lean Management with over 30 years of experience. He is an entrepreneur (close to 10 businesses), an investing member of Anges Québec, a business coach and more specifically, the CEO of NSI Solution, a company specialized in business and digital transformation with 30 employees and a premium partnership with the SaaS solution known as ZOHO. He finds great interest in value creation generated by the evolution of innovative business models as well as the characteristics surrounding the entrepreneur, his management team and the organisation of work. Because he strongly believes the composition of a team greatly influences the chances of success of a business, Yves Laurent has been doing research studies to better identify the profiles of successful entrepreneurs. Yves Laurent is a builder, he runs on pivots and defines himself as a pillar of business performance.


  • Hosting and entrepreneur codevelopment
  • Investment
  • Lean startup
  • Management systems (CRM, ERP,...)
  • Strategic planning